Posted by: Heath | May 9, 2010

Boone “The Real Deal” Riddle Taking Over the Marketing Industry

Over the past 20 years, there hasn’t been much national recognition and accomplishment from us hard working wooks. However, once extra headtacular wook, Boone Riddle, has gone out of his way to revolutionize our society and lifestyle, and for that we celebrate.

Boone, “The Real Deal” Riddle has spent the last several years of his life studying, meditating, and hunting glowsticks all around the States. Throughout this time, his genius and strong self-discipline has taken his intellectual level from that of a petty little frat boy to the King Kong of Wooks. He has conquered what others try so hard to do, but fail- start a successful, REAL, and profiting business (TriFoxMediaLLC). With one touch of his golden “hoMOE” thong and a long life observation from SleepyB himself, any wook is guaranteed a sudden and drastic change in the quality of the live experience.

In addition, TriFoxMediaLLC will be hosting it’s annual glowstick and gem hunt at Red Rocks, Colorado on June 18th. Mr. Riddle will make a quick, but promising appearance (if he can fit it in his work schedule) to sign your glowsticks and gems. The grand prize will be a crystal.

So, wooks- Please contact Mr. Riddle if you feel like your Ora is missing a color.


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